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BioCycle Air Conditioner Energizing Service has been designed and developed by HydroKleen Australia, specialists in Air Conditioner Cleaning Systems. It is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia and provides deep, safe and ecological cleaning of your air conditioner. The equipment is designed to provide optimal pressure to clean and remove dirt and mold in air conditioner systems.

Technicians we provide are experienced and professional. Our services to our clients extend to Office, residential, schools, shops and restaurants etc. We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing box unit, split systems and ceiling cassette units to remove mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

After energizing your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life. Technicians use a wet flush system along with a tailor made environmentally friendly detergent to ensure the systems are 100% cleaned.

The use of specially designed catchment bags, without the need for extensive plastic bag coverage, achieves environmental protection, the great thing is there is NO MESS!

Your air conditioner WITHOUT energizing and maintained

►Sickness and affect your health

►Affect the cooling system and efficacy

►Increasing the power consumption

►Speed up the wastage of components

►Shorten the life of air conditioner

Your air conditioner WITH energizing and WELL maintained

►Removed mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria

►Good quality in air and healthy

►Improving allergy

►Extend the efficacy and life of air conditioner

►Saves energy and money



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Selected Clients

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